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Buying a property in Turkey

When the word real estate is mentioned, it is not intended only for apartments, but this word includes all fixed properties such as land, offices, industrial and commercial facilities, as well as apartments.

If a foreigner decides to buy a property in Turkey, he must know well the required papers; In order not to fall into problems affecting his property in the future .
Important before buying a property in Turkey: According to Article 35 of the Real Estate Law 2644, foreigners have the right to own no more than 35 hectares in Turkey, with the exception of some nationalities.

You can also find out if you are allowed to own property in Turkey by reviewing the real estate registry Foreigners are prohibited from residing in military security areas, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that housing is outside the boundaries of these areas. Ensure that the property is not subject to mortgage, as the owner is prevented from selling or disposing of it

In the event of a dispute between you and the owner of the property, you must immediately resort to the Turkish courts in order to prove your right.

The initial contract at the notary is not sufficient to complete the sale, but the sale must be registered in the real estate registry.

Foreigners are advised to buy their real estate through real estate agents, as they get reliable and safe properties without paying any additional costs
Real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising, and therefore the purchase must be accelerated as possible in order to get a good price. If one of the parties does not speak Turkish, all transactions will be carried out through a sworn translator.

All official papers in other languages must be translated into Turkish, in addition to being certified by a notary public.

Steps to buy a property in Turkey:
Choosing the right property through the real estate agent Verify the title deed, by reviewing the real estate registry.

A preliminary contract can be concluded with a notary, but confirmation is only made in the land registry Set an appointment in the Land Registry in order to transfer the title deed by calling 181 Transfer of title deed with payment of land registry fees by seller and buyer Documents required to buy a property in Turkey: Personal identity document or passport Valid residence permit If the purchase is through an agency, the power of attorney must be brought with its translation, or a certified copy of it.

Tax Number Compulsory earthquake insurance policy Personal Photos.

In the end, a foreigner who wants to buy a property in Turkey can get the property he wants safely and reliably by communicating with real estate experts at High Step, in addition to the possibility of providing all facilities and conducting all legal transactions through specialized lawyers without paying any additional fees.

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