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In the stage after Corona, Turkey is the focus of attention of international companies

With the doubling of long-distance transportation prices, many international companies began to see Turkey as an attractive production and investment center thanks to the advantages of geographic location and cost, as European companies, which were importing from Far Eastern countries, shifted to other closer and more stable centers such as Turkey.

International companies that working in various fields such as food, medicine, furniture, electronics and packaging have announced new investment plans for them in Turkey, due to its geographical location, strong logistical infrastructure, and qualified workforce.

Among these companies are the Swedish Ikea for furniture, the Polish LBB for ready-to-wear, the German Boehringer Ingelheim for pharmaceuticals, and Dr. and Reusables, a Belgian packaging company.

The Japanese electronics company Kaga also announced recently that it will increase its investments in Turkey.

It is expected that Turkey will become one of the countries that will focus on investment during 2022, with the return of economic life to normal. Investing in Turkey, the Middle East, European companies, Turkey, a logistics center, an investment project.

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