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Advantages of investing in Turkey – Istanbul

Istanbul has many advantages that surpass most cities in the world, as its extension between two continents suffices, in addition to containing all the houses of civilized beauty, in addition to the elements of economic and commercial prosperity.

Therefore, the advantages of investing in Istanbul were attractive to foreign investors in general, and Arab investors in particular.

First, the most important investments in Istanbul Real Estate Investment There is no doubt that the infrastructure owned by Istanbul, especially with regard to the urban aspect, made real estate investment one of the most important investment sectors in it, and the diversity in real estate increased the chances of monthly or annual profit or profit from resale, because real estate prices are witnessing a rise as a result of the demand severe on her.

Among these properties that are suitable for real estate investment, for example؛
Residential units of all kinds Shops as well as warehouses Tourist establishments such as restaurants or hotels commercial offices lands industrial facilities public commerce What distinguishes Istanbul from the commercial point of view is its openness to the whole world, as it includes thousands of foreign commercial companies of various nationalities, in addition to the very wide local market, because the purchasing power exceeds 16 million people of its residents, along with millions of tourists who visit it every year . On the other hand, the most popular commercial sectors in Istanbul’s domestic and international markets Clothes of all shapes and sizes food Ornaments and jewelry Leathers such as shoes, bags, etc Household furniture trade, especially wood.

industrial investment Istanbul contains hundreds of industrial areas and cities distributed between the two parts of the city, which distinguishes these areas from several aspects.

Regulation, where each industrial area is the center of a particular industry Security due to the availability of permanent police guarding Its proximity to workers’ housing, thus providing a reasonable wage workforce tourism investment

There is no doubt that a city visited by millions of tourists every year will be a very ideal environment for the success of any tourist activity, and this huge number of tourists in addition to the diversity and abundance of tourist attractions makes the market space for everyone.

For example, the most prominent projects that can be started through tourism investment in Istanbul can be mentioned Tour companies Hotel or airline reservations companies.

Tourist transportation through the establishment of private tourist transportation companies Restaurants Secondly, the advantages of investing in Istanbul Diversity It means that the investment is not confined to one aspect, but the investor can find a good investment opportunity in many diverse sectors, such as industry, trade or tourism. Broad horizons When you start your investment project, you will find wide horizons that open up for you to invest in other sectors, thus expanding business activities and achieving greater profits.

market capacity This capacity is in all investment sectors, which is the result of the huge population in it, and for investors, the target groups for investments in Istanbul are The Turks are the largest group The Arab communities are also a large segment.

Foreigners of other European, African or Asian nationalities renewable market Istanbul is constantly witnessing the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Turks from various Turkish states, in addition to tens of thousands of foreigners wishing to settle there, and we do not forget the millions of tourists who come to it every year.

strong infrastructure Any investment will not succeed without the presence of a strong infrastructure that helps it to maintain continuity, and in this context, Istanbul is characterized by a strong and distinctive infrastructure that makes it superior even to many European cities.

It remains to remind you, in conclusion, that if you want your investment in Istanbul to succeed, you must start by consulting economic and legal experts to take the best advice that will shorten years of fatigue for you, and in this regard, High Step offers you an opportunity to achieve the strongest results and the largest profits through golden offers for investment. in Istanbul.

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